Jumat, 22 Mei 2015

Anime Explorer v.1.0.2 (paid) full

Thank you for your time to time to read this, thanks to Anime Explorer software can I watch anime without opening the website for clay genre and rating in myanimelist. This software is very helpful if you want to download free here http://shiningsoft.weebly.com/ if you want to Donate this software it's on the official page.
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Sabtu, 08 November 2014

How to Download Torrent file with IDM nov 2014

to top topic ??

1. download your torrent file on here https://kickass.to/ ( ex for torrent file is it's size really small [kb] )
2. after you got the torrent file next open this site http://zbigz.com/
3. and click upload button on zbigz site than choose your torrent file,
4. open it and click Go button on zbigz site
5. if your account regular free download
6. wait until finish checking if your file can be downloaded with idm or not ( this will take support with seeders )
7. have fun download with any software or browser you have.

Sorry for my bad English.